Food and Decorating Ideas for Your 2016 4th Of July Celebration

There is no denying that America’s Independence Day has been, and always will be, a red, white, and blue celebration that will consist of entrees and drinks with an outdoor flavor. However, if you are looking for something new to serve this year, or are looking to do something new to your traditional favorite 4th Of July dishes, here are some ideas you can consider:

You don’t always have to kick things off with the barbecue—you can serve up some tasty snacks before the main meal!

Start off the afternoon or early evening by providing your guests with some appetizers or finger foods. To mix it up, you could even serve some black bean dip and salsa to add a spicy start and boost their appetite. If you’d rather not go the spicy route, you could also lay out some creamy dips for guests to dip vegetables or crackers in!

You don’t just have to barbecue some dogs and burgers!

While there is nothing wrong with cooking up some yummy hamburgers mixed with onion and garlic powder, or hot dogs filled with cheese, you can mix it up by adding some fun and festive kebabs to your menu. You can use disposable wood or bamboo skewers to grill chunks of beef, chicken, shrimp, or whatever meat you like, and add your favorite sauces!Village Catering Meat Kebabs





Ditch the sheet cake and make some cupcakes!

Instead of the usual sheet cake decorated to look like the U.S. flag this year, serve individual cupcakes that are decorated and frosted in white. Continue by placing strawberries and blueberries on some. Once they are decorated, place them on a tray in the order of the colors of the flag. Your guests are sure to love them, and no eating utensils will even be required (unless they want them!)

Decorations can be red, white, and blue, but they can also sparkle!

Whether your party is outside or inside, you should consider red, white, and blue decorations that shimmer and sparkle! This way, they will be anything but the “ordinary” 4th of July decorations, and glimmer in the eyes of all who see them! Another thing you can do is buy some bouquets of followers to dress up tables, as well as pinwheels that can serve as a decoration that your younger guests could occupy themselves with!

Village Catering Blue and White Pinwheels






If you need any help with the food for your 4th of July party, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Village Catering! We promise that we have everything you need!