Five Unique Wedding Themes Your Guests Haven’t Seen Before

Your wedding date is a celebration of love–by injecting a little bit of you and your partner’s personal style into your wedding themes can make your special day even more memorable. Sick of the same old boring themes? Consider one of these unique themes that will leave both your guests and your wedding parties with memories for years to come! Here at Village Catering, we can make it happen.

  • Afternoon brunch. If you and your partner are planning a daytime wedding, an afternoon brunch theme is a perfect and classy choice. Keep decor breezy, and use light, airy colors to create the perfect setting. Offering breakfast foods, Danish desserts and (of course) mimosas complete the theme.
  • You and your partner’s heritage. Do you or your partner share a special connection with your heritage? Honoring your lineage by serving up traditional foods and decorating with family heirlooms are both great ways to introduce your guests to an important part of you as well as incorporate traditions from the past into your special day.
  • Bohemian. Bohemian couples march to the beat of their own drum and can have a wedding that matches their unique style. Decorating the venue with elegant gauzy tulle and oriental rugs can bring your boho dreams to life.
  • Southern-inspired. Are you or your partner a true southern belle at heart? Whether you are a born-and-raised southerner, or you’re in love with the charm and culture of the south, decorating your venue with monograms and pastel colors can make your wedding feel like a true southern affair. Make sure to include comfort food and bourbon-infused cocktails on the menu!
  • Nautical. Do you or your partner have a special affinity for sailing or the water? A nautical theme perfectly complements a seaside affair or one that’s by the ocean at heart. Decorate with waves and shades of blue and white, and of course, seafood should be served!

You don’t have to settle for the same old boring wedding catering! Village Catering can help you create the perfect custom menu that captures your aesthetic as a couple. Give our team a call today at 215-437-3337 to get started!