Five Delicious Italian Entrees Every Guest Will Love

Italian food is much more than just spaghetti and pizza! Italian catering in Philadelphia can be a perfect choice for nearly every special occasion or catered event. Can’t tell the difference between marsala and marinara? Read on to learn about five delicious Italian dishes that can perfectly complement every event—all of which are available right now as a catered entrée from Village Catering!

  • Veal scaloppini. “Scaloppini” is an Italian word meaning “a small scallop,” and usually refers to thinly sliced cuts of meat. Veal tenderly cooked to perfection and thinly sliced is a decadent and delicious choice for any wedding or party!
  • Vegetable lasagna. Who said carnivores were the only ones who can enjoy this Italian classic? This vegetarian spin on the classic meat and cheese dish is perfect for both those who prefer to not eat meat as well as those who are watching their waistlines!
  • Flounder francaise. Flounder francaise is a delicious seafood option that’s appealing even to those who aren’t big fans of a strong “fishy” taste. Dipped in a flour and egg batter before being pan-fried, flounder francaise is an almost universally appealing Italian fish dish.
  • Pasta primavera. Another delicious vegetarian option, pasta primavera is a dish that consists of classic Italian pasta and fresh vegetables—it’s a particularly popular option for summer or spring celebrations.
  • Pasta alfredo. Almost everyone remembers digging into a plate of pasta alfredo as a kid. Village Catering gave this childhood favorite an adult upgrade, ideal for any event or palate!

Whether you’re in need of Italian entrees or you’re searching for the right Kosher caterers in Philadelphia to support your upcoming event, Village Catering is here to create a custom menu that fits your budget and dietary needs. Give us a call today at 215-437-3337 or browse our website to learn more!