Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas

Weddings can get expensive; so don’t spend more money than you need to! Here are some great ideas for a do it yourself wedding that will not only save you money but are eco friendly too!

Save the date: A fun idea for invitations is to find some cool postcards – maybe a black and white scene or a postcard from the location of your wedding – and use them as save the date cards or wedding invitations. It’s an inexpensive and unique way to share the good news.

Table placements: In the months leading up to the wedding, collect empty wine bottles to be used as centerpieces on the tables. Paint the bottles using your wedding colors and place a flower in the bottle to make them extra special.

Another idea for table placements, that’s also eco friendly, is to find smooth, dark rocks outside. Use some chalk to write the table number on the rock then place these on the tables. The rocks can be put back outside afterwards and you can practice being green.

Favors: One cool idea for a favor is to find individual and inexpensive flowerpots to fill with favors. Use chalk to write a note on the pots, such as your names and the date of the wedding. Fill the pot with seed packets and any other knickknack you want to include. Tie a bow around the outside and add a little thank-you note.

Something you could include in the flowerpot would be a personalized matchbook. Buy small matchbooks and craft paper then create a Word template with the front and back images or messages you want to use. Print, cut, and glue the craft paper around the matchbox to create a traditional yet personalized gift for your guests.

An awesome idea for a wedding favor that will last a lifetime is to “plant a memory”. Go green by purchasing tree seedlings and wrapping the bottoms with burlap and tying a fun ribbon with a note around the bag. Guests will love this idea and you’ll be helping the environment so it’s money well spent.

Desserts: The cake is expensive enough, so if you want other desserts find a recipe that you can make your own! Know a great buttercream frosting cupcake recipe? Use it and personalize it by incorporating your wedding colors in the icing and other details for the decorations that go along with your theme (such as leaves for a fall wedding).