Dessert Bar Vs. Wedding Cake, Which Should You Choose?

These days, the dessert options at weddings are endless. Not only do they consist of a fancy-looking cake, but many couples choose to have fondue stations, cookie or donut stations, and tables upon tables of practically any other dessert you can think. But, are there benefits of having just the cake over these other dessert options? Is it even still necessary to have a wedding cake? Well, the answer is no—you don’t have to have a wedding cake. However, if you are worried about sticking with tradition, go for it! But, as to which one is better. Well, consider this:

Having one dessert option (often a cake) means you will save some money.

A lot of the time, your guests’ bellies will already be full from the appetizers and dinner. So, opting for only a cake, instead of the cake and a few other dessert options, will not render them disappointed. This is especially true if you are trying to save money on the food. In the end, there is no doubt skipping out on those fancy food trays will save money!

Having more than one dessert option can satisfy more appetites.

Let’s face it—some people just do not like cake. In fact, many will prefer some fruit and other sugary treats over one slice of your wedding cake. So, if you are worried about having enough desserts for your guests to enjoy, consider more than just the cake, or forgo having a cake at all. After all, a lot of bakeries and catering companies can provide an assortment of cake slices for special events!

Inevitably, what dessert option you choose for your wedding entirely depends on what you want. And, even though the thought of having a chocolate fondue station to dip various desserts in sounds enticing, it might be wise to pick a dessert option that will not have you going way over your budget!