Delicious Drink and Food Pairings to Consider for Your Next Party

As a reputable provider of event and corporate catering services across Philadelphia, we’ve created mouthwatering menus for a wide range of functions for over three decades. For this reason, we’re sharing some fantastic favorite food and drink pairings with our food-loving friends.

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, cocktail party, or a Thanksgiving event, you’ll need to have all bases covered when it comes to the food and drinks. Below are some ways that you can provide guests with the perfect pairings.

Red Wine and Short Ribs

Who doesn’t love ribs? There’s nothing quite like slow cooking ribs until the meat slides from the bone into your mouth. One of our favorite starters for any function is braised short ribs paired with rich red wine. We recommend a Rioja or a Cabernet Sauvignon. We also recommend adding tangy shallot onions and portobello mushrooms to the mix, ultimately creating a dish that fills the palate with flavor.

Japanese Beer, Sake, and Sushi

Sushi is an excellent dish for events because it’s small, filling, and can be prepared in literally hundreds of varieties. Sushi rolls give your guests the chance to socialize and mingle as they are portable and light. We always pair sushi with wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce. Add a little more oriental atmosphere to this part of your menu by ordering in some Japanese beer or Sake at your next special event.

Pale Ale with Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a winner when it comes to hungry guests. It’s also an easy dish to make for people who don’t have time to prepare for your event. We recommend using cavatappi pasta shells and aged yellow cheddar or red Leicester cheese. Some people even go for Monterey Jack for it’s creamy, sharp taste. Whatever cheese you choose, add green onions, roasted mushrooms, jalapenos, and roasted peppers to the mix as an assortment of topping options. A small portion of this delicious dish is best paired with an IPA or a pale craft ale.

Baileys and Brownies

We had to top off this piece with a dessert option, especially something as timeless and decadent as Baileys paired with chocolate brownies. We recommend being as indulgent as possible when it comes to baking perfect brownies that crunch as you bite them, giving way to a soft interior. Also, why not add some fudge or white chocolate chip to the brownie mix? 

For more information on fantastic food pairings or to discuss menu options for your next function, click here to contact a member of the Village Catering team.