How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Many couples are surprised to learn that choosing the color scheme for their weddings is more difficult than simply picking out their favorite colors and adding them to every detail of their ceremonies. Your wedding color scheme will play a heavy role in setting the overall aesthetics of your big day, so you should take special care to choose colors that both blends well with your venue and represent you as a couple. In fact, read on to learn a few simple tips to make your palette choice a little simpler!

  • Think about the mood. Colors and their tones have personalities that are as unique as you and your partner! If you have a special theme for your wedding, this will be a huge source of inspiration when it comes to choosing your color scheme. For example, if you are throwing a traditional cultural wedding, dramatic colors like deep red and black or jewel-toned turquoise will make a statement with flair. If you’re throwing a breezy beachside affair, pastels like lavender and pink will better fit the mood.
  • Get inspired by your venue. One of the first sources of inspiration you should look to when considering which color scheme will work with your wedding is your reception hall. Not all colors will look right in every one of Northeast Philadelphia’s wedding halls, so if you’ve already fallen in love with your venue, look to its unique features for inspiration!
  • Look to nature. While most old-school wedding color “rules” have gone the way of “no white after Labor Day,” outdoor weddings can be complemented by color choices. Reception halls in Bucks County, PA, often offer packages that include outdoor ceremonies, so you can take advantage of the seasonal colors without sitting through an entire afternoon of bugs. Airy pastels meld well with the shades of spring, bright and neon shades fit the heat of summer, and jewel tones compliment the changing leaves that characterize Pennsylvania’s gorgeous fall.

No matter which colors you choose, you and your partner deserve catering that celebrates you as a couple. Give Village Catering a call today at 215-437-3337 to learn more about some of Philadelphia’s best wedding catering options!