Best (Free) Food Apps

In trying to stay up with the times, and realizing the importance of Smartphones for businesses, we thought it would be fun to share what we think are the best free food apps.

Yelp: This app is helpful for finding places nearby. Usually used to find restaurants, the app can also be used to search for anything from shopping centers to beauty salons to repair shops. This app is helpful when you’re in an unfamiliar place looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. You can read reviews, get tips, see price ranges, and even get directions through the app.

AllRecipes: This is an app that helps you find recipes. You can search by food, or choose random and the app will pick a recipe for you. There’s even an option to find recipes with certain ingredients, which is great for using up leftovers.

Restaurants: This is an app that has nutrition information for large restaurant chains. You can use this app to help yourself make healthier choices when dining out.

MyFitnessPal: With this app you can track what you eat as well as how much you exercise. It calculates your caloric needs based on weight, age, and activity and is a great weight loss tool.

Fooducate: Fooducate is a fun app to use when grocery shopping. With this app you can scan barcodes on food products and the app gives a letter grade for each item based on its ingredients and nutritional value.

FoodGawker: This is another app that is helpful for finding recipes. All you need to do is sift through the images of delicious foods, and then choose one you would want a recipe for.

Ratio: Ratio is great for those who enjoy baking. If you don’t have enough of an ingredient or you want to make more or less servings than the recipe calls for, this app will help you adjust the remainder of the recipe to keep the ratio between ingredients.

Hello Vino: For those who love wine, this app helps you choose the wine that will go best with food, taste, or occasion. So if you’re ever unsure of when wine to choose you can use this app to help decide.