Baby Shower Catering Ideas

Hiring a caterer for a baby shower can make planning for a party much easier, especially if you know your budget and menu preference. Baby showers are highly social events that require finger foods that can move around the room with the guest.

Baby Themed Shower Menu

Ask the caterer to provide fruit babies consisting of melon ball baby heads with frosting dotted eyes secured to strawberry bodies with toothpicks. You can also serve cheesy meatballs speared with colorful toothpicks. Provide a rattle for accent and rubber duck-shaped pineapple. Bottle shaped turkey finger sandwiches and baby shaped cookies completes theme.

A sweet baby shower dessert can be a large, colorful, baby bag shaped cake with marzipan bottles, rattles, blankets and diapers sticking out. Drinks served in baby bottles with straws can include iced coffee with sweet almond milk, and baby pink lemonade.

Gourmet Finger Food

Filling snack selections can include crab cakes, mini spinach quiches, croissant-wrapped asparagus spears, lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves and garlic-fried artichoke hearts. Some light snacks can include cheese puffs, shrimp-stuffed celery and feta stuffed mushrooms.

A tall cake shaped like a stack of five giant building blocks topped with a miniature baby is a fancy dessert that’s big enough to serve a large crowd. Drink selections for the gourmet themed baby shower can include lemon water, red wine, white wine, champagne, mint iced tea, espresso creations and Italian sodas.

Spring Buffet

Discuss with the caterer about providing cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches, fruit salad in a watermelon basket, mini almond croissants, coffee cake muffins, chilled shrimp salad, three-bean salad, spinach dip with veggies and Parmesan deviled eggs.

Also have the caterer create a blooming flower-shaped cake. A pink flower works if a girl is expected, blue if a boy is expected and yellow if the baby’s sex in unknown. Drinks can include raspberry iced tea, lemonade, lemon water, iced coffee, soda pop and chilled white wine.

Dessert Buffet

Offer each dessert selection on a tray or individual plate. Light desserts can include small plates of strawberry shortcake with fresh cream, apple-cinnamon crisp, vanilla-cherry tartlets and lemon meringue bars. Indulgent desserts include marshmallow fudge brownies, mini pecan pies, mini chocolate éclairs and flaky ladyfingers. No cake is required for the baby shower since guests will already have a large selection of sweets to nibble.