Avoid These Mistakes When Planning a Baby Shower for a Friend or Loved One

Baby showers are traditions for which many mothers-to-be are either really excited or really dreading, but they are going to happen, and you want your friend or a loved one to be in the former category on the day of the event! Naturally, you want to make this baby shower one for the history books, but there are some common mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your event doesn’t flop! 

Fortunately, we at Village Catering know how to throw a great baby shower at our elegant Cottage Green venue, and we have a few suggestions on what not to do for the event you are planning. 

  • Don’t Go Too Baby Crazy. Some mamas-to-be will not want everything to be extremely baby-ish. Your friend or family member might not be thrilled with her shower if pacifiers, duckies, powder blue and pink balloons, and teddy bears are covering every inch of the room. Of course, if that’s definitely her deal, ignore this suggestion. But, many women just want to hang out with friends, eat good food, play games, and drink virgin cocktails. Read the room! 
  • Make Sure There is a Clear Theme. A baby shower should always have a theme with decorations and games that reflect it. However, it would be best if you remembered to avoid overdoing the decorations, going to the other extreme, or neglecting what the expecting mother might want. If the expectant mother’s aesthetic is vastly different than yours, remember that the event is for her, so make sure to do what you think she would like! 
  • Avoid Doing it Alone. Planning baby showers is a lot of work, and everyone loves being included. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to invite family members and friends to help you — we are sure there are plenty of people with fresh perspectives who would love to help in their own ways! If you need to fill gift bags, craft decorations, or write addresses on thank you note envelopes, remember to enlist the troops!
  • Inviting Everyone and Their Mother. Remember what we said about overdoing it? Well, that includes the invites. Maybe it started with the mama’s close friends and family, but it turned into the extended family, coworkers, the college roommate she hasn’t spoken to in 12 years, and every “friend” from each social media platform. Stop now! Don’t book that stadium to hold the horde. Instead, just invite close friends and family members to make the baby shower comfortable for everyone!
  • Get Your Guests Mixing & Mingling. It may be comfortable to seat family with family, college friends with college friends, etc.. Still, a good party is one where everyone is talking to each other, participating in group games, and celebrating together! Crush the cliques start having fun! 

We hope that this article was helpful and that your baby shower planning goes well! And remember: if you need anything from a venue or catered food for your next event, we at Village Catering have the services you need. We can help you host baby showers and sweet 16 parties in Pennsylvania and bring in box lunches in Philadelphia

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