How to Accommodate Guests with Food Restrictions and Allergies

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, even if you have your own wedding planner. Budgeting, making a guest list, finding the perfect venue on the desired date, the list goes on and on. On top of everything, it’s become increasingly popular when selecting a food menu to cater to guests with food restrictions and allergies. This can be particularly challenging if the venue you’ve chosen doesn’t have a large food selection.

At Village Catering, we excel at creating customized and specialty menus, especially if the bride and groom will have guests with food allergies or restrictions. We offer endless menus, decor, and a large wedding hall located right in Philadelphia. Our friendly and knowledgeable catering staff wants nothing more than to create the ultimate wedding package for your special day. If you’re searching for a wedding venue that will accommodate your guests with food restrictions and allergies, Village Catering’s Cottage Green, is the best choice.

To better serve your guest with special needs, this is what you should do.

Find out if your caterer has experience with food restrictions

If you have multiple guests with a wide variety of food restrictions, you have to make sure your wedding caterer is capable of handling all of the requests. Ask about their baking and cooking specialties to see if they are up for a challenge. A word of advice, cake has gluten, so getting a separate gluten-free cake would be obliged for gluten-free guests.

Ask guests for food and drink preferences in RSVP

Once you know your caterer can handle anything you throw at them, it’s time to start collecting the food restriction data. Brides, we suggest asking attendants to inform you of any restrictions in their RSVP. Once this information is known, you can plan the entire food menu, appetizers too, accordingly.

Make sure special requests are labeled and kept separate

It’s critical to keep food that is specially prepared for those with restrictions separate from the rest of the food options. An allergic reaction could land a guest in the hospital, and extreme vegans sometimes won’t even touch food prepared near meat. On the other hand, if you serve buffet style, adding a label is a cute way to let guests know the food is nut-free, vegan, or gluten-free.

Village Catering has been serving the community with delicious food options for over 30 years! Planning a wedding for guests with allergies or restrictions has never been easier when Village Catering hosts! Contact us today to learn more about our menus and wedding hall accommodations 215-437-3337.