5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression with a New Client

Meeting a new potential client or customer for the first time can be nerve-wracking. It’s totally normal to feel scared, excited, anxious, or a mixture of all three emotions before a first meeting. But, taking steps to set yourself up for a great first impression can improve client relationships and even book you a new contract or customer. Five steps that you can take to ensure you make a great first impression include:

  • Maintaining eye contact. It might sound simple, but you may be surprised about how many people forget the importance of maintaining eye contact. Eye contact is a nonverbal agreement that you are going to interact with someone—so remember to make and maintain eye contact and a smile before you go in for a handshake.
  • Speaking slowly. Men and women who speak slowly are more deliberate in choosing their words, communicate what they’re saying more effectively, and rely less on parsing phrases like “uh” or “uhm.” Don’t be afraid to slow down when you speak!
  • Listening closely and remembering details. No one likes having their names forgotten, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than inviting a client out to lunch only to find that there’s nothing kosher on the menu. Review information that you’ve learned about the client before your first meeting, ask about dietary restrictions beforehand, and listen closely to details about him or her while they speak.
  • Recommending local favorites. Is your client coming in from out of town? Recommending or introducing your client to the unique culinary scene of Philadelphia is a great way to solidify yourself as a local expert as well as guide your client into a new experience.
  • Rolling out the red carpet. If you are traveling with your client, consider rolling out the red carpet with airline catering from Village Catering. Airline catering makes travel easier and eliminates the need to pick up unhealthy or overly-processed snacks at the airport.

Whether you’re looking for the right corporate catering for your event or you need to impress a client visiting Philadelphia, Village Catering is here to help. Give our team a call today at 215-437-3337 to get started and learn more!