5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding’s “Something Borrowed”

We’ve all heard the old adage: your wedding needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!” But your “something borrowed” shouldn’t just be anything—it should be something special and significant for you or your spouse. No ideas on what to borrow? Consider these five unique options!

  • A first dance. Do you have a couple that inspires you? Consider “borrowing” the song they used for their first dance. If they will be in attendance, your first dance will be a beautiful blast from the past while helping them build even more memories!
  • Your grandmother’s fine china. Nothing says “refinement” quite like using a set of delicate china dishes. Don’t have enough china to go around? Catering companies in Pennsylvania can carefully arrange pastries on your family’s china serving platter for everyone to enjoy!
  • An old tie. If your father has passed or will not be in attendance at your ceremony, consider wrapping one of his favorite ties around your bouquet. His memory will be “walking” you down the aisle, and you’ll have a unique and personal “something borrowed.”
  • A wedding veil. While a very old-fashioned bride may choose to wear her mother’s wedding dress, you might want to opt to wear a borrowed veil if you’ve already chosen your dress. Wearing a passed-down veil can give you a touch of tradition while also allowing you to retina your sense of personal style.
  • A family recipe or menu choice. Is your grandmother’s lasagna to die for? Do you dream about your grandpa’s barbecue brisket? “Steal” a recipe from your family archive or ask the company providing your catering in Philadelphia, PA, to put their own twist on your family’s favorite dish!

You’ll have to handle your “something borrowed,” but Village Catering can handle the mouthwatering dishes that you want for your reception! Give our team a call today at 215-437-3337 to get started or learn more!