5 Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for something special to do on Valentines Day and just can’t think of the perfect idea? Whether you’re dating, married without children, or even have a family, here are some tips on cooking ideas and fun ways to spend the day with the ones you love. You can follow them exactly or use them to help you come up with your own special idea, hope they help!

1. Cook Together: Cooking with a loved one is a great way to spend time with them and a fantastic way to bond. With everyone’s busy it’s difficult to sit and eat dinner together on a regular basis let alone prepare the meal together. Pick something that’s a favorite for both of you or something that reminds you of a meal you’ve shared together before. Time spent enjoying one another’s company really helps to remind you of why it is that you love them. Not to mention food always tastes better when you prepare it yourself : )

2. Scavenger Hunt: Lead them to their gift by setting up a scavenger hunt. Make the hints something only your loved one would understand. Think of some of your favorite memories and where they happened and have each clue lead them to a new place. This is a great way to show them that you really care by bringing up old memories. The hints can be serious or funny, lead them to the place where you first told them you loved them or where they tripped over a shoe and sprained their ankle. Give it some thought and make the hints personal and meaningful.

3. Make heart shaped foods: This idea is pretty easy, try to think of foods that can be either cooked or cut into the shape of a heart. Bake a sheet of brownies or cookies and use a heart shaped cookie cutter. For breakfast make heart shaped pancakes and for dinner make your loved one’s their favorite flavor pizza baked in the shape of a heart. Besides using the shape of a heart, try to incorporate the color red into the meal. Make red jell-o or add red food coloring to mashed potatoes. Choose a favorite meal and put one of these special twists to it.

4. For the Family: Put notes and a treat in your children’s lunch boxes so when they get to school they are reminded of how much you care about them. Have the kids make Valentines Day cards for each other, for your spouse or their Grandparents, or anyone special to them. Let them help make dinner bake a special dessert. There are so many great activities to do with kids, just make sure you include them in your celebration to make the day extra special.

5. Keep it simple: It’s the small things that show you really care. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money by taking them to the most expensive restaurant in town or by buying them an expensive gift. It’s the little things that are important. Showing them that you care by remembering and making their favorite dessert or renting their favorite move is enough.  Relaxing and just spending time together is a great way to share the day together.