5 Traditional Wedding Dishes From Around the Globe

When Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot, many Americans were surprised to learn that they’d be forgoing the white wedding cake for a more traditional British selection — a fruitcake! Around the world, every country has their own wedding menu traditions meant to inspire good luck and happiness in the new couple. Read on to learn more about a few famous foods brides and grooms enjoy at weddings around the world!

  • Rice ball soup in China. Chinese brides and grooms traditionally enjoy a cup of sweet rice ball soup the night before their wedding as a good luck ritual. However, for the good luck to work, the couple cannot chew the rice balls—they must swallow them whole!
  • Jordan almonds in Greece. It’s common to see both “sweet” and “bitter” Jordan almonds served during wedding receptions. The coatings represent the highs and lows of marriage.
  • Kazunoko in Japan. In Japan, red herring roe (called “kazunoko”) represents fertility and family prosperity. The fish is often served with seaweed over rice as a sushi roll, and the dish is a popular New Year’s Day offering as well.
  • Mead in Ireland. Mead is a type of wine that’s created by fermenting honey with spices, fruits, and grains. In Ireland, ancient tradition says that mead has the power to improve virility and fertility, so it’s a common choice at weddings.
  • Foy thong in Thailand. An ancient Thai dessert, foy thong is made by stretching egg yolks with sugar syrup to create long, golden threads. Foy thong is traditionally eaten at Thai weddings, where the long strings symbolize the everlasting love between the new couple.

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