5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Tailgate Party

It’s football and hockey season, and fans are sporting the gear of their favorite teams, participating in fantasy leagues, and hosting some of the best tailgate parties. Not only are we obsessed with whether or not we picked the best players for our fantasy team but we’re also concerned about having the best tailgate party.  Whether it’s located on the asphalt of a stadium or in our homes, we’re all about having a fun time.

The best tailgate parties involve good friends, good beer, and delicious food. This is a time when we indulge in our buffalo wings, chips, and pizza. To relieve the stress of planning a party, you should hire a caterer like Village Catering, to satisfy all of your pre-game appetites.

When you tailgate at a stadium, there are some things you’ll need to consider (like food) to make it a truly great tailgate party. Here is a list of some of the things you need to prepare for the big game:

  1. Write a Checklist

Having a master list can eliminate uttering the dreaded phrase, “I think I forgot something.” Once you unpack something, check it off your list, so you know what you have and what’s missing. Then strategically pack your car, so that the things you need first are closer to the rear of your car. Other things to keep with your list are your parking passes and tickets.

  1. Don’t Forget the Grilling Equipment

You always want to keep sight of your grilling equipment, so you do not have to look around for it aimlessly on the day of the big game. Keep your tongs, grill gloves, chimney starters, etc. in a toolbox or clear bin for easy access.

  1. Assess Your Guest List

Determining which size grill to bring or how much food to order depends on the size of your guest list. Make sure everyone’s RSVPs are nailed down before the party.

  1. Pick the Right Foods

Foods that you can eat with your hands are the ideal items to bring to your tailgate party. We’re talking about jalapeno poppers, nachos, and, of course, wings. Choosing a catering company like Village Catering will be sure to excite your taste buds. We’ll customize your tailgate menu, so you can have anything you can imagine, even s’mores for dessert if you’d like.

  1. More is More

If you’re grilling, make sure you bring extra charcoal, disposable bags to put the charcoal ashes in, extra garbage bags, plates, napkins, and, especially, extra beer. You’ll want to be prepared for anything and be able to dispose of your garbage in an environmentally-friendly way after the game. Remember, sometimes more is just excess, but other times more is necessary.

So, if you’re getting psyched for the next big game and have been thinking about hosting a tailgating party, turn to Village Catering for all of your catering needs. For more information, browse our website. To place an order, call 215-437-3337.