5 Tips to Help You Host the Perfect Summer Barbeque

Summer is the perfect time to get back together with long-lost family and friends, and there’s no better way to reconnect than with a summer barbeque! At Village Catering, we specialize in creating food that brings people together.

So, consider our five tips for throwing your own summer barbeque, and start making those summer memories now!

  • Set up a few tables away from the food – Keeping your party organized doesn’t have to be difficult. Set up a few tables away from your food for guests to eat at, and put drinks on a separate table – this will help to avoid spills and ruined food.
  • Consider cateringHaving a large number of guests over? Make sure that you don’t run out of food. Catering companies like Village Catering can help you to plan for any number of guests, and keep everyone at your barbeque full and happy.
  • Set up cooling games – Everyone loves to get wet when the temperatures rise, so setting up plenty of water games will help your friends and family to cool off. Water balloons, Super Soakers, and sprinklers are equally fun for kids and adults after a hot summer day.
  • Do your homework – One of the worst things that can happen when planning your summer barbeque is to have too many guests and not enough seating or food. Ask your guests to confirm if they are coming at least a week before the party, and be sure to ask if they are bringing any extra friends or family members with them. This can help you make sure there’s plenty of fun for everyone.
  • Set the mood with the right music – Some songs just scream “summer!” Get your guests in the right mood with an upbeat, pop playlist. Artists like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Ariana Grande can give your party the perfect, energized theme. Listen to your music beforehand- if a song makes you smile, add it to the playlist.