5 Tips for Airplane Travel That Will Help to Make the Experience Less Stressful

When you travel on an airplane, we know that you might want to travel in style. Some ways you can do this is by buying a first-class ticket or by picking the best airplane food. Some of the best food comes from professional caterers like us here at Village Catering, who know the meaning of good cuisine. Here at Village Catering, we provide a variety of menu options for any special occasion, including airline catering, weddings, corporate parties, and sports events.

Along with choosing the best lunch or dinner options from us, you need to prepare in other ways because traveling in an airplane can be extremely stressful. When you travel, you need to reserve your tickets, arrive at the airport on time, go through security, and possibly go on connecting flights, etc. Below are some tips that we here at Village Catering would like to offer that may help you to prepare for both the expected and unexpected on your next airplane trip.

Know the difference between “Direct” and “Nonstop” flights

With nonstop flights, you do not have to worry about getting held up at another airport due to the unloading of the baggage. These extra stops before landing at your destination can lead to delays, which can make you anxious.

Buy Your Ticket Under the Same Name as Your ID

You might think it is obvious that Sam is a nickname for Samantha, but airport personnel might not think the same thing. Make sure that your name appears the same on your ticket as it does on your ID, that way when airport personnel checks one against the other there are no discrepancies.

Pick Your Seats Immediately

When reserving your tickets, make sure that you choose what seat you want to sit in. Whether it is the aisle, middle, or window seat, it’s important to choose them before you arrive at the airport. Choosing your seat is also important if you have a disability and need certain premium seating.

Arrive Early at Your Gateway

To avoid the long lines at security and increasing anxiety, it is important to arrive at your gate early. If you have a connecting flight, it is always beneficial to book your first flight into a hub, which will prevent delays.

Always Double-check Requirements for Foreign Documents

If you are traveling to a foreign country, it is good to make sure that you double-check the foreign document requirements. Some places require only a visa for entry, but others require two blank pages in a passport for entry into their country. Before you make reservations, you need to check these requirements so that you are prepared for anything.

Unexpected things still might come up while you are traveling, but following these tips will make you feel prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

The one thing you can always count on is the exquisite cuisine from Village Catering. We are always there to satisfy your cravings for any occasion, including traveling on an airplane!

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