5 Tasty Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Who doesn’t want an amazing wedding reception?  If you want a wedding celebration that is sure to be remembered, then focus on the food.  When guests travel far and wide to attend your special day, it’s important to honor their dedication with a wide array of food from which to choose.  A crowd-pleasing menu is one way to guarantee that your guests will enjoy your wedding day and with help from Village Catering, you can make it both simple and delicious.  We’ve got five tasty wedding food bar ideas that are guaranteed to make your guests happy.

As wedding trends evolve, couples can take advantage of new ideas for providing guess with delicious food choices.  One of our favorites is the food bar.  With a food bar, you can create customized choices during both the cocktail hour and the reception.  Food bars give your guests a chance to mingle and experience the delicious food that you’ve have catered for your special event.  With an interactive food bar, you really can’t go wrong.  If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate your special day and you’re on the search for a venue to hold wedding receptions in PA, then give us a call.

  1. Biscuit bars

A biscuit bar with flavored jams is a great idea for a food bar.  You can choose as many flavors of jam as you like, and you can even add homemade pies to the bar, as well.  With a biscuit bar, you have several options to choose from that will make it a tasty experience for all of your guests.

  1. Rustic bar

A rustic themed food bar is always a hit at a wedding reception.  You can opt for a table on two barrels or even trolleys to create the desired look, and then get creative with your food choices.  Many couples choose chicken and vegetables with a combination of delicious sauces.  You can make it a rustic vegetarian themed food bar, as well.

  1. Popcorn bar

Are you aiming for a vintage look?  If you want a low-budget, yet whimsical option for your guests that is sure to bring smiles, then try a popcorn bar.  With a popcorn bar, you can add cheeses and caramel, too.  If opting for only popcorn isn’t quite filling enough for your taste, then you can add some ice cream and make it a popcorn and sweet treats bar.

  1. Burger bar

For a real crowd-pleaser, why not try a burger bar?  There are a wide range of choices to include with a burger bar, such as turkey burgers, veggie burgers and of course traditional hamburgers or cheeseburgers.  If you still need food bar ideas and you’re on the hunt for wedding venues in and around Philadelphia, then give Village Catering a call and find out why we’re the leaders in wedding catering for the Philadelphia area and beyond.

  1. Raw food bar

If you want to cater to a specific crowd and you’re looking for an ultra-healthy method of doing so, then consider a raw food bar.  With many guests nowadays who have various food allergies, a raw food bar is an excellent choice and Village Catering can create amazing foods that align with your specific vision.