5 Spring Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Wedding bars are all the rage because they’re simple to design and easy to personalize. What’s more, interactive food bars give your guests the chance to choose what appeals to them the most, as opposed to being locked into only one or two plated meals. Food bars can be customized for both small and large wedding receptions, so why not get started?

At Village Catering, our expert team strives for perfection by creating tasty cuisine that is customized to suit any occasion. We provide wedding catering in Philadelphia, picnic catering, and kosher catering, just to name a few. Our professional wedding caterers in Philadelphia can always help you come up with fantastic wedding reception food choices. Here are five food bar favorites that are sure to please everyone at your event:

1. Popcorn Bar

One of the most popular spring wedding bar ideas is the popcorn bar. This food bar promotes a true party atmosphere and is especially handy when children are in attendance. You can serve gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors, ranging from salty to sweet. Include a classic red and white popcorn bag for your guests to use. You can even go for a retro look with a real popcorn cart, too.

2. Pasta food bar

Who doesn’t love a good pasta salad? Pasta food bars are great for spring weddings because you can serve a variety of options and make them light, such as penne vinaigrette or veggie pasta with marinara. If you want, you can even add toppings, such as cheese and chicken. Pasta salads can be easily customized and will satisfy everyone at your reception.

3. Hummus bar

Nowadays, hummus is a popular choice for spring weddings. It’s a versatile option, and you can please almost everyone with the toppings that accompany it. Go with pita bread, veggies, kalamata olives, and sweet peppers. You can even add cucumbers, carrots, and celery slices. Hummus comes in a variety of flavors, so you can opt for a classic garlic spread or branch out with some red pepper or onion.

4. Asian-Inspired Sushi Bar

Sushi is a great spring wedding food bar option because it’s simple and not too filling. Opt for fresh spring rolls, soy-sauce dumplings, and Vietnamese salad. You can also request vegetarian spring rolls if your guests do not eat meat.

5. Mexican bar

Mexican food is an excellent option for a spring wedding food bar. It is many peoples’ favorite and the colorful dishes make it a great addition to any spring decor. Self-serve mini-tacos are perfect for a wedding reception and pair up well with cold beer or sparkling lemonade.

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