5 Kitchen Secrets That Make Restaurant Food Taste Better

It’s happened to everyone at some point or another. You try a delicious new dish in a restaurant and immediately fall in love. You love it so much that you decide to learn how to cook it and make it at home for your family and friends. But, despite the fact that you’ve followed the recipe to the letter, your homemade version just doesn’t measure up to the work of culinary professionals.

Why does restaurant food taste so much better than food made at home? Read on to learn 5 secrets from professional kitchens that contribute to culinary success.

  • Restaurants make everything from scratch. Many restaurants make common ingredients (like pasta and red sauce) from scratch each morning. This eliminates additives from the final dish, improving the taste.
  • Restaurants have teams. In a professional kitchen, an entire staff works together to create a dish. One person might be responsible for grilling, another for creating and seasoning sauces, and still another for plating. This allows each team member to focus on making their portion of the meal the best it can be.
  • Chefs are masters of presentation. Lunch restaurants in Northeast Philadelphia and beyond know that the look of your dish can influence your perception of how it tastes. Professional presentation doesn’t just look great — it also improves your opinion of the flavors.
  • Restaurants brine their chicken. Brining is simply allowing raw chicken to soak in a salt and sugar bath for a few hours before cooking. However, brining chicken before cooking amplifies the flavors — giving you that juicy, melt-in-your-mouth flavor that characterizes restaurant chicken.
  • Restaurants use professional ovens. Professional grade ovens can get as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat is often necessary to create crusts and brown meat quickly.

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