5 Italian Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

If you’ve ever been to a traditional Italian wedding before, you already know that there will definitely be pasta on the menu and plenty of dancing. But did you know that there are a number of age-old Italian traditions and superstitions that also come along with tying the knot? Read on to learn about five interesting Italian wedding beliefs that you might not have even heard of!

  • The significance of the date. The day of the wedding is of great significance in traditional Italian culture. Friday weddings are viewed as a bad omen, as this is the day of the week in which evil spirits are thought to be born. The luckiest day to get married? The Lord’s day and the day of creation, Sunday.
  • Welcoming in good luck. In many Italian weddings, focus on fertility and bringing good luck into the marriage is a priority. The groom will often hold a small piece of iron in his pocket to fend off evil influences, and the bride is responsible for welcoming in prosperity and luck by tearing a small corner of her veil.
  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Italian brides require a massive bridesmaid party because traditionally, she’s not allowed to see herself before the ceremony! However, she can take a glance in the mirror under one condition—she must first remove either a glove or a shoe.
  • Throwing of the garter. At a traditional Italian wedding, the groom is expected to remove the bride’s garter for her to throw. If she is not wearing a garter, she may throw her right shoe instead.
  • A final gift to the bride. As a final gift to his bride, a groom is traditionally expected to pay for the bouquet she will carry down the aisle. Though the bride may choose her arrangement beforehand, the groom must foot the bill—and take on the responsibility of ensuring that it arrives at the venue.

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