5 Ideas for Throwing a Coed Baby Shower

Thinking about throwing a coed baby shower? Good for you! Dads often end up overlooked during events that celebrate a new baby, so it’s nice to make sure they are included, too. Here are a few ideas for your next coed baby shower that are sure to please both the mom and the dad-to-be.

  • Have fun going outside of the box. One of the best things about having a coed baby shower is that you get to have fun with it. Go outside of the norm and enjoy being silly with the whole thing. Send out invitations that are fun and gender-neutral, and make sure to include the date, time, and RSVP expectation. Remember to write that men are welcome, as these events are typically female-only.
  • Choose neutral colors. Not all women like pink and not all men like blue, so pick colors that are appealing to all, both on the invitations and on the decorations.
  • Have plenty of food. A bigger guest list means a larger menu! Make sure that you have plenty of food for everyone. It may be best to consider off-premise catering near Northeast Philadelphia so the food is all taken care of for you.
  • Continue enjoying an outside event. While traditional showers are done at baby shower halls, no one says this has to be the case for your coed shower. Why not go to a park or even a local sporting event? When you choose to do things a little differently, the possibilities are endless.
  • Change up your games. Again, by going outside of the traditional, you have lots of options with the coed shower. Opt for crossword puzzles or even trivia games to get the whole crowd engaged and watch the fun unfold!

Why Have a Coed Baby Shower?

Coed baby showers can be tons of fun for the mom and the guests. Here are a few reasons to consider including the guys at your next baby shower:

  • The more the merrier. For many moms, a baby shower is the ideal time to gather with all of their family members and friends. If you want to include your entire family, a coed shower can be a great idea.
  • Dads can help out. Overwhelmed with party planning? Sometimes, having an extra pair of helping hands makes all the difference. Including fathers and male guests provides moms-to-be with more assistance cleaning up and planning the shower.
  • Coed showers allow you to include siblings. For a child, the idea of a new baby brother or sister can feel overwhelming. By including younger siblings and cousins in on the fun, your little one will see firsthand that being an older sibling is something to be celebrated — not feared.
  • It takes some of the spotlight off mom. Not every mother is comfortable being the center of attention. If you’re shyer and looking for an easy way to take some of the pressure off of you, be sure to consider a coed shower featuring the dad as well. 

A Few Popular Coed Baby Shower Themes

If you’ve decided to have a coed shower, you’ll need to choose a suitable theme. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling!

  • Luau. Aloha! A luau is the perfect gender-neutral theme for a baby shower.
  • Backyard games. Everyone loves a game of horseshoes or cornhole. Why not set up a few games in your backyard and let guests enjoy the fun?
  • You and your spouse’s favorite things. If you want to take some of the spotlight off of yourself and make your baby shower a family affair, try choosing a shower theme that’s close to you and your partner’s hearts. A favorite musician, movie, musical artist, or even food can all be a great place to start planning your theme!

Popular Coed Baby Shower Themes by Village Catering Infographic

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