5 Fresh Ideas for the “Something Blue” of Your Wedding Ceremony

Everyone knows the old saying—every wedding requires something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! Not sure where to add your hue of blue in your reception hall in Bucks County, PA? Consider trying out one of these five fresh new ideas to add a pop of blue to your big day!

  • Sunglasses. Celebrating at an outdoor reception? A pair of jewel-toned cyan or turquoise pair of sunnies will make a statement as well as add a pop of color to an all-white outfit and they’ll come in handy if you’re a summer bride!
  • Chandelier earrings. If blue doesn’t fit with the scheme of your affair, a subtle pair of sapphire drop earrings can add a touch of elegance to your outfit without breaking tradition. Afraid of going too bold? Snappy sapphire or turquoise studs can have the same impact without the weight.
  • China. If you don’t want to wear your something blue, why not incorporate it into your reception? Don’t be afraid to crack into your registry china early, or search for Northeast Philadelphia wedding halls that offer blue patterned china options.
  • Heels. A bright blue pair of heels hidden beneath layers of white tulle can be a fun and mysterious way to incorporate the color into your special day. Going short and looking to stick to white? Painting the bottom of your heels in your favorite shade of blue is a unique and subtle way to pay homage to the tradition.
  • Bouquet. Many brides are choosing to carry a bright blue bouquet down the aisle, especially those being married in the spring. No blue buds in bloom during your wedding season? Try wrapping your bouquet in teal satin or silk for a pop of color!

Choosing the right venue can help you incorporate the colors you’re looking to see on your special day. Give Village Catering a call today at 215-437-337 for more information on booking our one of our gorgeous reception halls before you walk down the aisle!