5 Facts You Never Knew About Thanksgiving

At Village Catering, we know that you probably already know the story of the first Thanksgiving, but did you know how our traditions actually came to be a part of American history? Read on to learn five unusual facts about Thanksgiving!

  • There was no turkey on the first Thanksgiving table. It’s true! The first Thanksgiving featured no turkey at all. Instead, the pilgrims and native Americans feasted on venison, fish, lobster and, of course, fresh pumpkin.
  • The pilgrims didn’t eat with forks. The first Thanksgiving was eaten with knives and spoons, but no forks. Forks were not introduced to settlers until 10 years later and did not become a popular dinner utensil until the 18th century.
  • Thanksgiving was almost a fasting holiday. We know Thanksgiving as a holiday that’s famous as a feast, but the pilgrims almost had a very different first Thanksgiving. Originally, the settlers had planned to spend the day praying and abstaining from food as a “thank you” to God…that is, until native Americans from the Wampanoag tribe arrived and taught the pilgrims about their annual harvest celebration!
  • Every year, the president pardons a turkey. Every year, it’s traditional for the president of the United States to “pardon” a turkey and spare it from being eaten at the White House table. We’re sure this year’s turkey is already thanking his lucky stars!
  • Wild turkeys are pretty hard to catch. Turkeys in the wild are fast, topping out at a running speed of 20 miles per hour. However, domesticated turkeys are fattened up for maximum flavor, so they cannot move as quickly.

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