5 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Wedding Reception Hall Look Fabulous

As owners of one of Philadelphia’s largest and most gorgeous banquet halls, you can guarantee that we have plenty of decorating ideas up our sleeves. In fact, whether you are having your wedding here at our banquet hall in Philadelphia, or somewhere else, here are five easy things you can do to make your reception hall looks fabulous.

Place table lamps, with or without candles, on the tables.

If you want to create some height on the tables, consider adding some stylish table lamps. It’s up to you if you still want to use candles and flowers, but a perfect amount of those two things may prove ideal if you want to hide any cords.

Hang a lot of paper lanterns.

While paper lanterns are nothing new, hanging a lot more than what you see at a typical wedding reception will no doubt make yours stand out.

Create a few random photo backdrops and have them placed throughout the hall.

While some couples are now opting for photo booths, other couples might not have the funds to rent one. Instead, and to keep guests on their feet, create some stunning backdrops for guests to take photos. You can create backdrops with flowers, garland, tissue paper, and balloons—your options are endless.

Chalkboards can make signage more fun.

Decorate the entrance, exit, or bar with cute sayings on some small chalkboards. What’s more, you can decorate the chalkboards with some drapes and flowers.

Hang flowers instead of having them sit on tables.

If your venue allows it, consider suspending flowers from the ceiling and just a few feet above the tables to keep guests looking up. However, make sure they aren’t suspended directly above their heads.

Decorate the ceiling with some drapes.

Again, if your venue will allow it, hang some elegant fabrics from the ceiling. Furthermore, if your tables and chairs are decked out with drapes, adding some to the ceiling can prove to be the perfect complement.

There are so many ways that you can decorate your wedding hall aside from what we listed above. To learn more, please be sure to check out our blogs in the future!