5 Easy Meals Kids Can Help Prepare

Does your little one love to help in the kitchen? While some meals are better left to adults, there are plenty of delicious lunches and dinners that even small children can help out with. If you’re looking to teach kids a little bit more about cooking, consider allowing them to help out making these easy meals.

  • Casseroles. Casseroles are perfect for kids to help out with! Little ones can put ingredients together in the pan, mix them up, and sprinkle cheese or breadcrumbs on top with ease.
  • Simple quesadilla. Kids love quesadillas — and they’re a delicious way to get their veggies in. Let kids choose the ingredients while Mom or Dad mans the stove.
  • Tacos. Everyone loves to make their own tacos! Set out bowls of vegetables, starches, cheese, meat, and other ingredients and allow your kids to create their own taco plate.
  • Tossed salads. Mixing up salad ingredients can be loads of fun for children. Slice up ingredients yourself and let your little one choose a few vegetables he or she wants in the salad. Portion out the dressing and ask your child to mix all the ingredients together.
  • Simple soups. The most fun part of making a delicious soup? Stirring the pot! Though you should prep most of the ingredients, kids can handle whisking the soup and adding cheese to the top. Be careful to watch your child so he or she doesn’t slip and fall into the stove while working.

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