5 Creative “Something Old” Ideas for Your Wedding

If you are planning an upcoming wedding, you need to keep track of the “somethings.” Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue all have a place at your ceremony. Here are some fun ideas for the “something old” that can make the bride’s day even more special.

  1. Memorial photo charms: Brides who wish to honor their deceased relatives can create jewelry with images of their beloved family members. Scanning photos allows brides to print smaller reproductions of the photos, which can easily fit into pendants, medallions, small frames, and other decorations.
  2. Gently-used sneakers: The combination of the wedding and its related events means that brides will spend days on their feet. Brides who wear comfortable sneakers instead of more ornate footwear such as high-heeled shoes will have lower risk of blisters and other painful foot maladies. And using sneakers that brides already own spares them from the cost of buying a new pair of shoes for the wedding.
  3. Memorable perfume: It’s common for people to associate certain scents with pleasant memories. Perfumes that are linked to events such as a first date or the wedding proposal qualify as “something old,” and it may have the added benefit of putting otherwise-jittery brides at ease.
  4. Vintage getaway cars: Renting or borrowing a vintage-styled car for the married couple to drive after the festivities can be a clever and festive way to incorporate “something old” into the wedding. Decorating the car with memorabilia from the year or decade that the car was made can enhance its antique feel.
  5. The wedding venue itself: Holding the wedding in a location that has strong generational family ties or has been declared as a historical landmark definitely qualifies it as “something old.” As is the case with a vintage car, the venue can be decorated in a way to honor its history.

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