4 TSA-Approved Airport Snacks for Healthier Flying

Contrary to popular belief, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not prohibit you from taking snacks into the airport from home. Sandwiches, dried fruit, pizza, seafood, cereal, hard cheeses, candies, and even live lobsters carried in special sealed, spill-proof containers can be brought along with you on your flight in your carry-on. Instead of opting for fast food at the airport, consider preparing one of our favorite TSA-approved snacks for your next flight.

  • Hummus and pita. Filling, nourishing, and packed with key nutrients, hummus is a great snack to bring along on a long-haul flight. Just make sure the container is less than 3.4 ounces, as the creamy chickpea spread is technically classified as a liquid by the TSA.
  • Tortellini. Tortellini is a filled pasta, which makes it easier to eat during a turbulent flight. Pack up as much tortellini as you want before your flight—the TSA currently places no restrictions on bringing cooked pasta through security, though you may have to go through an additional search.
  • Apples and berries. Sliced apples and fresh berries are hydrating and can satisfy your sweet tooth without indulging in a chocolate bar before takeoff. Avoid bananas, as they can easily bruise during security clearance.
  • An empty water bottle. Okay, this one isn’t technically a snack, but you’ll want to stay hydrated when flying by bringing along your own bottle. While you may not bring a bottle into the airport that contains more than 3.4 ounces of liquid, this rule does not apply to empty, clear bottles. Grab your favorite clear water bottle and make sure that it’s completely empty before you travel.

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