4 Tips For Self Catering

Planning a party takes a lot of time especially if you are doing your own catering. Buying the food, preparing the meal, decorating your home, hall, or general organization can be a rigorous endeavor. If it is a big party you might have to rent cooking equipment, tables, chairs, and even a tent!  If you want there to be music and entertainment you may even find yourself seeking out a DJ or band!

Even though planning your own party or event is a lot of work, catering an event can be very easy and preparing it yourself can save you a good chunk of change.

Here are four self catering tips that may make preparing a meal for your guests a lot less time consuming:

1.  Organization:  You need some sort of an “organized system” that will allow you to effortlessly acquire everything you need for your party or event. To do this you can have organized lists, notes, and supplies on a spreadsheet on your home computer.

2.  Write Lists:  When you are doing your own catering, lists are very important!   You should have lists of contact information for all the people helping you with the party, and also a list of all those people who said they were coming.  Also, list out all of the exact the equipment you need to get, and list out all of the food you have to buy as well as supplies like tablecloths, napkins, utensils, etc.  Most importantly do not forget to make a to-do list to make sure you get done everything for the party or event.

3.  Guest Count:  Make sure you have enough food because having too much can be very wasteful. Do this by making sure you have a near to solid number of people who are coming.

4.  Get Disposable Dinnerware:  Things can be a great deal easier if you use disposable dinnerware.  It may not look as pretty, but you won’t have to deal with washing those dirty dishes.