4 Sweet and Edible Wedding Favor Ideas


If you offer edible favors for guests to take home after your wedding, it’s likely that there won’t be many left behind. While wedding favors aren’t required, they’re a nice way to show your guests that you are glad they shared this special milestone with you. One of the best things about edible favors is that they can eat them at the end, on the road, or at home.

If you’re thinking of giving your guests some edible favors (or have been convinced by us here at Village Catering to do so) you may be wondering which one(s) you should gift. Well, instead of heading to the store and grabbing hundreds of giant candy bars, you can consider some of these sweet treats:

Custom ice cream cups.

What better favor is there to give your guests after a wedding in the summer than ice cream? After a night of dancing and mingling, a cold treat placed at their tables might help to cool some of them down. If you do serve some custom ice cream cups, you should also keep in mind that you might have to order some gluten-free, dairy-free, and/or gelato options.

Sweet and savory popcorn in small tins.

It’s likely you’ll have a hard time finding a guest that will opt out of taking a free tin of cheese or caramel-flavored popcorn home. If you want to know which popcorn flavors to order, you can even ask guests to provide them on their RSVPs.

Mini macarons are so in.

The macarons served at your wedding don’t necessarily have to represent the ones regularly baked in France. Nowadays, you can even serve these delectable treats in flavors such as red velvet, sugar cookie, double chocolate, and vanilla bean.

Mini macarons






Cake in a glass jar.

Whether or not you had a wedding cake, serving up some cake in a jar can be a cute idea. Plus, you can give your guests who didn’t have the chance to grab some cake, the chance to take a piece of it home with them without having to store it between two paper or plastic plates.

Cake in Jar









These days, the edible wedding favor options out there are nearly endless, and finding them will only take a bit of research! If you’d like to hear more about our wedding dessert options, or if we can accommodate your favor ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Village Catering!