4 Summer Wedding Reception Food Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a summer wedding. Ladies can wear their best summer dresses, the sun is shining (most of the time), flowers are in full bloom, etc. As a wedding catering company in Philadelphia, we know that a summer wedding also means that couples can choose to serve “cooler” food menu options and drinks instead of the hotter, more traditional ones. In fact, if you are looking to aid your guests in “staying cool” at your summer wedding, here are four wedding reception food and drink ideas you can consider:

Cold Hors d’oeurves/Appetizers

Appetizers don’t have to be served hot. A cold appetizer can be a welcome change on a hot summer day and the perfect addition to a wedding menu. Some cold appetizers you can consider are deviled eggs, shrimp/crab cocktail, or even raw vegetables.

Iced Tea or Lemonade Bar

Imagine this: a station with a few different flavors of iced tea and/or lemonade, piles of lemons, cute mason jars, colored napkins and straws, as well as buckets of ice cubes. Not only will your guests get to enjoy making their own lemonade or iced tea drinks, but they can keep themselves refreshed by enjoying a tasty beverage!

Ice Cream Sundae Buffet Station

Instead of serving cookies and brownies, consider letting your guests indulge themselves with an ice cream sundae buffet. If you go this route, you should consider having a few ice cream flavors for guests to choose from, as well as loads of toppings.


Popsicles aren’t just for children—they can be for adults too! What’s more, if you really want to make “adult popsicles” you can make them popsicle cocktails. Lastly, these are great to serve during the cocktail hour, or immediately after you cut the cake and the servers bring out the desserts!

To learn more about what our wedding caterers can serve at your Philadelphia area summer wedding, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. While we have plenty of food on our menus, we have no problem working with you to serve some of the food and drink options we mentioned above!