4 Gift Exchange Ideas for this Year’s Holiday Party

If you’re celebrating the holiday season with family or friends, a gift exchange can be an entertaining activity. This is an activity in which everyone of all ages can get involved. From a Yankee Swap to a Secret Santa, here are a few excellent ideas for gift exchanges this holiday season.

Yankee Swap

Otherwise known as “White Elephant,” amongst other names, this is a great holiday gift exchange idea. The main premise here is that every guest attending the party brings a generic gift along. For all the gifts that are bought, numbers are drawn to decide on the opening order.

The first person chooses a gift and opens it. The second person opens another random gift and has the option to keep it or swap it with the first person’s choice. Each time a new person opens a gift, they have the opportunity to keep it or trade it for anything opened previously. Once the final person has chosen to swap or keep their contribution, the first person has the option to keep or swap the gift he or she received.

Best Guess

If guessing games like Pictionary or Charades are popular with your friends and family, they’ll love this gift exchange idea. Each guest brings a gift or two. When the gifts are handed out, everyone has a turn holding their wrapped gift; then, the group is allowed to guess what might be inside. You are permitted to offer clues to help them along, especially if it’s a random item. The person who is first to guess correctly gets to keep the gift.

Recycled Gifts

We’ve all received a gift that we don’t want or need. So why not re-gift your unwanted items? Instead of hosting your party before the holidays, host it after the holidays.

Make it a requirement for guests to bring a gift that they have already received. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You may surprise yourself and end up with a useful gift!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular holiday gift-swapping game. Names are drawn anonymously before the party, and the identity of the gift buyer remains anonymous even after the gifts are given out. However, in some cases, people are allowed to reveal themselves as the gift buyer if the recipient guesses correctly when deciding who bought them the present that they received.

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