4 Fun Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Planning a wedding takes both time and patience.  Aside from just the ceremony and reception, you need to think about the cake, the flowers, the menu, and the decor.  Thankfully, your bridesmaids are there to help and can make the entire process less stressful.  They will also be the ones planning your wedding shower and will likely be searching for creative planning ideas.  At Village Catering, we’ve got four fun bridal shower themes that are sure to please everyone.

  1. Literature theme

Even if you aren’t a bibliophile, you can still have a literature-themed wedding shower.  Think Harry Potter or Jane Eyre.  You can have a tea style, literature-inspired party complete with a fruity cordial or berry wine.  Your bridal shower is an opportunity for books to come to life and the only limit is your imagination.  Think about literary games based on your favorite novels or short stories.  If you’re looking for banquet halls in Pennsylvania, Village Catering can provide the food and even host your shower at Cottage Green.

  1. Tasting theme

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee lover?  Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur or a chocolate aficionado.  A tasting-themed wedding shower gives everyone at the event something fun to enjoy, whether it’s in the form of food or beverage.  Not all brides-to-be want to be in the spotlight all day, and this theme gives you the chance to mingle and shift the focus to something else besides you.  Aside from that, it also gives you the chance to build up an impressive collection of delectable treats.

  1. Travel theme

A travel-theme wedding shower gives you the chance to create ideas centered around dream destinations of your choice.  As another option, you can even go with a honeymoon registry, where your guests have the opportunity to contribute to your travel plans as opposed to just bringing a gift.  You can focus your food, decor, and games around the destination of your choice, and host the event at Cottage Green with Village Catering.

  1. Game theme

You have many options with this one, such as wedding shower bingo.  All you need to do is create bingo cards and replace the word “bingo” with the word “bride.”  Replace the traditional numbers with facts about the soon-to-be-married couple.  For example, you can write the couple’s city of engagement on a card, or a favorite food of the bride-to-be.

If you still need to secure a location for a bridal shower banquet hall in Bucks County, then consider Village Catering.  We’re experts in wedding planning, and we can guarantee both a delicious menu and a romantic venue. Call us at 215-437-3337 for more info!