4 Facts You Should Know About Allergies

You’ve chosen a date, you’ve booked your Pennsylvania banquet hall, and you’ve sent out your invitations. But wait—have you asked your guests if they have any allergies you need to take into consideration for your event?

Most people are familiar with the concept of allergies, the body’s overreaction to certain ingredients that can cause serious illness or even death in some people. Allergies may vary by severity; while some people will only suffer a moderate stomach ache if they accidentally consume an allergen, others can go into anaphylactic shock if they consume something that was cooked in the same pan as an allergen. This is why it’s crucial for anyone planning an event or party to know about all allergies within their group.

Read on to learn four interesting facts about allergies that everyone should know.

  • Some allergies are more common than others. There are certain foods that are more likely to cause an allergy attack than others. The most common food allergens are milk, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and fish.
  • Some allergies are more common amongst certain ages. It’s possible to “grow out” of an allergy, and it’s also possible to develop one as you age. Allergies to milk and lactose intolerance issues are more common amongst young children, while shellfish and fish allergies often develop later in life.
  • Severe reactions are more common in certain ingredients. Allergic reactions to shellfish, peanuts, and fish are most likely to be severe or even life-threatening.
  • The signs of an allergy attack may be difficult to spot. Allergic reactions may occur within minutes of consuming an allergen or they may be delayed. Some of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction include difficulty breathing, swollen lips, vomiting, chest pain, and a sensation of dizziness. If any one of your guests shows these symptoms at your event and has consumed an allergen, call for medical help immediately.

Village Catering understands firsthand how serious allergic reactions can be, and we take pride in crafting menus that every guest can enjoy. To learn more about allergies or to book your banquet hall in Bucks County for an upcoming event, give our team a call today at 215-437-3337.