4 Bizarre Differences Between American and British Weddings

Though America and Great Britain share a language, a common history, and even an ocean, there are some unique differences that set Brits and Americans apart. If you watched Prince Harry and Meghan’s ceremony and were a little surprised by the differences, you’re not alone — British couples tying the knot follow some traditions that seem a bit unusual to us Americans. Read on to learn just a few ways that nuptials across the pond differ from the ones here in the United States!

  • British toasts are roasts. If you’re giving a toast at an American wedding, you can expect your reception hall or bridal shower banquet hall in Bucks County to be filled with sentimental stories and tears of joy. In Britain, however, you’ll hear ribbing, joking, and gut-busting laughter! According to Vogue, traditional British toasts are more like roasts—with the ultimate goal of embarrassing the bride and groom. Cheers!
  • British bridesmaids wear white. As the spring wedding season arrives, wedding halls in Bensalem will be covered in hues of green, pastel purple, pink, and baby blue. Traditionally, no one except the bride is permitted to wear white — except if you’re British. It’s customary for British bridesmaids to don white on the bride’s wedding day.
  • British guests can be “ranked.” In Britain, it’s common to see guests “ranked” into A teams and B teams depending on how close they are to the couple tying the knot. Highly ranked guests attend both the ceremony and the reception, while lower ranked guests are invited to the reception only. This helps the couple save money and allows them to invite more of the friends and family members to the after party.
  • Brit brides often pay for their bridesmaids’ dresses. In America, being a bridesmaid comes with a bill — bridesmaids traditionally pay for their own dress, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. However, across the pond, British brides often cover the costs of their bridesmaids’ dresses as a way of saying “thank you” for their support.

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