3 Wedding Trends That Will Explode in 2021

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably already comparing menu options and wedding halls in Philadelphia — even if your nuptials are still months away! As you begin the wedding planning process, it can be helpful to look to the future for inspirations. We expect these three wedding trends to explode in popularity beginning in 2021 — so consider adding a few of these trendy features to your wedding ceremony!

  • Upcycling and greener vibes. Couples next year are expecting to “go green” on their wedding days, upcycling décor, composting leftovers and using vintage or heirloom engagement rings to say “I do.” This trend allows couples to do something great for the environment without skipping the party.
  • Edible flowers. Flowers aren’t just gorgeous — they can also add a unique flavor to cocktails, desserts, and more! Couples can add a subtle floral element to their menus with frozen flower ice cubes, floral and herbal cocktails, and by introducing edible flowers to dessert options.
  • Remixed registries. Many couples are now living together long before they get married, which means that they may not need many of the standard appliances and linens that are included on traditional registries. Instead, couples are now asking for cash or experiences instead of gifts. For example, couples may ask for contributions towards a honeymoon or a down payment on a new home. Many couples also forgo their registry entirely, opting to set up a charity registry that collects donations for a cause they love instead of taking money for themselves.

Village Catering understands that, even when your wedding is far away in the future, you need to start comparing wedding halls in PA as soon as possible. Their team is proud to provide simple, stress-free menu options as well as customizable event spaces to help every couple tie the knot in style. Anyone interested in learning more about Village Catering is encouraged to contact us!