3 Unique Wedding Themes

Your wedding day is your day. It’s a special day during which you can have the time of your life while you make memories that you can hold onto forever. That’s why it’s important to hire a wedding catering service in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas to ensure all of your food needs are fulfilled during this day, so you can focus on having a fantastic time and making memories along the way.

Some people describe their wedding day as their most vivid memory. Make sure that vivid memory is a good one by not having to worry about taking care of the needs of every single guest, and choosing Village Catering as your wedding caterer in Philadelphia and other local areas. Many couples also choose to have a theme for their wedding.  Although wedding themes aren’t for everyone, those who do pick a theme feel that their wedding is more personalized, and they end up having an amazing time. Here are three unique wedding themes that have made couples in the past, and hopefully couples in the future, wedding day more special:

  1. Superhero – Choose to become Batman or Wonder Woman for the day as you have a superhero themed wedding. You and your guests can wear superhero themed attire and even decorate the banquet hall in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas as the Batcave. You can also decorate the hall for any other of your favorite comic book characters.
  1. Old-time carnival – An old-time carnival would be the perfect wedding theme for the playful couple. Your guests will probably never forget this wedding as they play carnival games, such as a ring toss while giving out cotton candy and balloons. You can even throw in a kissing booth for a little extra amusement.
  1. Rock n’ roll wedding – If you’re a rock n’ roll fan, consider throwing a rock n’ roll themed wedding. Turn one of the Philadelphia banquet halls into a mosh pit as you rock out with your guests and blast the bands of your choice all night long.

These are just a few wedding themes you can choose from. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, if you’d like a wedding theme, choose one that matches you and your spouse’s personalities and relationship. To learn more about wedding themes and catering services, contact Village Catering at 215-437-3337.