3 Unique Registry Ideas for Modern Couples

You’ve picked your menu, you’ve found the perfect wedding venue in Philadelphia, and your dress has been fitted to perfection — all that’s left to do is wrap up your registry. Because many couples now live together before tying the knot, you might already have a toaster, set of towels, and linens that you love. This can leave you clueless on how to finish your registry. If you’re having trouble deciding what to ask for, consider these new ideas for modern couples who have enough small appliances.

  • Charitable donations. Many couples now forgo their registry entirely and ask guests to contribute to a charitable cause of their choosing instead. If you decide that you’d like to ask for charitable donations, be sure to pick a cause that both you and your partner are passionate about. For example, if you love animals, you might ask guests to make donations to the ASPCA in lieu of purchasing you a gift.
  • Meaningful mementos. Instead of asking guests to purchase you something for your home, why not ask them to give you their favorite book, movie, or album? Meaningful mementos help you connect with your family and friends. Plus, you and your spouse will have all your media needs taken care of!
  • Local wares. Are you the type of couple that loves supporting local artisans and small businesses? One fantastic way to complete your registry and support your local community is to curate a list of products and services you’d like to try from small, independent operations you love. From homemade seasoning salt to handmade pottery, going local when you create your registry doesn’t only mean more options for you — it can also mean helping a small business owner pay their rent.

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