3 Tips to Make the Perfect Sandwich

Available everywhere from your local fast-food restaurant to three-star Michelin restaurants, the humble sandwich has solidified itself as one of America’s favorite foods. Are you looking to perfect your sandwich recipe? Use these tips to get started on the path to the perfect sandwich!

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to spice up any sandwich is by adding a spread to your bread. While mustard and mayonnaise might be popular sandwich standbys, don’t be afraid to stop at the traditional spreads. Avocado crema, barbeque sauce, and pesto sauces might also make excellent sandwich toppings.
  • Choose your bread wisely. Bread choice is one of the major components of sandwich composition. Be sure to choose a bread type that complements your topping and meat choice. If you’re including a number of moist toppings (like tomato or a thick sauce) choose a bread that has thicker crust and a more porous surface area. If you’re working primarily with drier ingredients (like raw sliced pepper or other vegetables) you might want to include a thinner bread.
  • Be careful with onions. Companies that provide box lunches in Philadelphia know firsthand that onions can add a fantastic kick to any type of sandwich. However, if used incorrectly, onions can quickly become overpowering. There are two ways to combat the sting of onions on your sandwich — first, you can soak the onions in a mixture of salt and water, then pat them dry. This method adds crispness while also dulling some of the flavor of the onions. Second, you can toss your sliced onions with kosher salt before adding them to your sandwich. While this method is faster, it might add more sodium to the taste of your sandwich.

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