3 Tips To Help Keep Your Children From Having A Sugar Rush On Halloween

While Halloween is certainly a holiday where most children have a lot of fun trick-or-treating, running from house to house and gobbling up candy, it is also a stressful night for some parents. This is especially because most children are so hyped up from getting to play dress-up and devouring candy!

If you were looking for ways to keep your children from having that Halloween candy rush, consider some of these tips below:

Keep them from grabbing a chocolate bar out of their trick-or-treat bag by having them eat a big dinner or a snack.

The first step to ensuring that your son or daughter does not stop to shove a handful of M&M’s in their mouth is to make sure that they eat dinner. Or, you can give them a light snack if they ate dinner a couple hours before it was time to go trick-or-treating. In all, if you send them out on an empty stomach, it is likely they will grab something out of their bag!

Have your son or daughter drink a full glass of water.

Not only should you guarantee that your child has a full stomach, but you should also have them drink a glass of water before he or she leaves the house.

What’s more, your child should already be drinking plenty of water throughout the day anyway, but having him or her drink a full glass before trick-or-treating can also curb feelings of hunger.

As soon as your (young) son or daughter puts their candy bag down, move it out of sight.

This is a no-brainer. And, although this sounds like a horrible thing to do (especially because it is Halloween), not having the candy easily available (when your son or daughter is done trick-or-treating), will cause him or her to eat less. Also, if you do not take it away immediately after your son or daughter puts the candy bag down—it will be much harder to take it away once he or she does start grabbing handfuls of chocolate bars out of the bag!