3 Tips For Self-Care During the Quarantine

As the novel strain of COVID-19 continues to travel across the United States, millions of men and women are staying indoors and fighting back against the spread of the virus. The best way to prevent illness and discourage the virus from spreading is by remaining indoors as much as possible and limiting trips outside to only essential errands. However, this can also make life much lonelier — especially if you’re used to attending school or chatting with co-workers every day.  

If you’re feeling a little lonely, now might be the perfect time to indulge in a bit of restorative self-care. Consider using one of these 3 tips when you need a pick-me-up.

  • Explore a new show or podcast. If you’re working from home, you might have much more time to take a listen to a new podcast or to watch that Netflix series everyone is talking about. Explore a new genre of podcast, TV series, or movie while you’re stuck at home.
  • Phone a friend. If you’re feeling lonely, chances are high that your friends might be missing you as well. Take time out of your day to call a friend just to chat — or organize a group video hangout when you’d normally be visiting a local bar or restaurant.
  • Order in. Just because restaurants are currently closed for reservations doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite dishes delivered! Restaurants like Village Catering are still accepting orders for dinner and lunch deliveries in Philadelphia. Treat yourself to a professionally prepared meal and support a local business owner by ordering takeout for yourself or your family!

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