3 Tips to Consider When Decorating Your Wedding Hall

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of big decisions that need to be made before you walk down the aisle. Right after the dress and the food, the most important choices you have to make are about how to decorate your venue. In fact, keep these top three tips in mind when it comes to decorating your wedding hall, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is saying “I do!”

  • Use white Christmas lights. All across the country, people are using soft white Christmas lighting year-round to give their yards a beautiful and effortless look. Couples on budgets are now taking advantage of these low-cost decorations to give wedding halls in PA a romantic glow. String them up around your seating, the cake, or potted plants for a beautiful setting. Stock up right after the Christmas season, or use online retailers to save the most.
  • Display your engagement photos. Though you’ve probably shared them all over social media, some relatives may not have had the chance to see your beautiful smiles yet! Your wedding reception is the perfect place to display your photos. Bring along your favorite photos of you and your spouse both together and as children, and display them at the reception for a personal touch.
  • Choose a simple theme. You want your wedding to be a timeless event—something that you’ll be able to look back on for generations to come. Picking a simple and classic theme – like black & white, southern charm, or a seasonal choice, will make sure that your wedding photos are as beautiful and romantic ten years from now as when they’re taken on your special day.

No matter what your theme is, there are plenty of wedding halls in PA that can help you achieve the perfect moment on your big day. To learn more about how Village Catering can help you plan and host your wedding, just browse our site!