3 Special Diets Every Corporate Event Planner Needs to Know


consider is your guests’ dietary restrictions. A dietary restriction or special diet is a unique food need that one or more of your guests might require. Dietary restrictions are serious and should always be respected, so it’s a good idea to ask guests about any special needs beforehand.

At Village Catering, we know that understanding the differences between dietary restrictions can be difficult. Read on to learn about three common special diets you might encounter when planning your event.

  • Allergies. Most people are familiar with the concept of allergies. An allergy occurs when the immune system overreacts to a relatively harmless substance, ranging from pollen to certain foods. Allergic reactions can range from mildly annoying (some people with lactose intolerance continue to consume dairy products) to incredibly severe. For example, certain types of nut allergies can send a victim to the hospital within minutes of consumption. Some common allergy-triggers include shellfish, tree nuts, and soy.
  • Vegetarian and vegan. If someone follows a vegetarian or vegan diet, it means that they focus their meals around plants and non-animal products. Vegetarians may consume animal byproducts (like eggs and milk) but do not eat meat. Vegans consume no animal products whatsoever. There are an endless number of reasons why men and women choose to eat vegan or vegetarian, ranging from health concerns to issues of animal welfare.
  • Kosher. If someone eats kosher, it means that he or she follows the Jewish dietary laws laid out in the Torah. The term “kosher” means “fit,” and is used as an adjective to describe foods that are acceptable for consumption under Jewish dietary laws. There are a number of kosher rules and regulations that dictate how food should be prepared and which foods are allowed to be eaten. For example, dietary law dictates that only sea creatures with “both fins and scales” may be eaten, making shrimp a no-go. Consulting with a chef well-versed in Jewish dietary law is essential if one or more of your guests is keeping kosher.

Not sure how to accommodate a certain diet for your event? Village Catering is here to help you create a personalized menu that all of your guests will love and enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!