3 Reasons Why You Might Want a Wedding Website

Are you on the fence about wedding websites? Maybe you can’t decide whether you should put one up for your special day or not. Many people are opting for wedding websites these days. Sure, you can load your site with tons of photos and make it an extravagant page. Or, you can opt for a simple layout with just the most important details about your special occasion.

At Village Catering, we provide quality catering in Philadelphia. If you’re planning your wedding and need a reliable Philadelphia catering company, then Village Catering can handle it. We know that you want your special day to be flawless, so we’ve got three reasons why you might want to consider using a wedding website.

1. Eco-friendliness

Regardless of how you use your site, you will definitely save on both paper and postage. For many people, the eco-friendliness factor is a big pull in their decision to create a wedding website.

People simply don’t want to leave a large carbon footprint, and they’re not keen on cutting down a bunch of trees for the sake of wedding envelopes. You can either go completely paperless and use your site for everything, or you can use it just for e-RSVPs.

2. Instant information

Did you change your plans last minute? Do you have important weather-related information? Maybe you’ve just received a few important hotel updates. Whatever the issue, you can rest assured that with a wedding website, your guests will have access to all the details.

Having a wedding website gives you the chance to make updates as they arise and lets you take some of the pressure off of having to list everything in your Save the Dates, too.

3. Simple contact

Another reason to consider using a wedding website is that it allows you to remain in contact easily with all of your guests. Many of the modern wedding website templates come with guestbook and RSVP sections.
You can ask your guests to sign your guest book or enter their email addresses so that they can be notified of any wedding changes or site updates. It’s also a lot easier to send one group email, rather than trying to scramble to make over a hundred separate phone calls.

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