3 Reasons A Fall Wedding Might Be Ideal

As a company that has been catering weddings in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and many other areas for decades, we have had the pleasure of attending weddings at all times of the year. While there is no denying most couples choose late spring or summer to have their weddings, we have noticed that there are also many benefits of having a wedding on a sunny and crisp fall day. If you want to get a sense as to why a fall wedding might be ideal, consider these three reasons listed below.

The temperature is not too hot and not too cold.

Honestly, the first couple weeks of fall are beautiful. In fact, if you’re lucky, the temperatures will be in the mid-sixties or mid-seventies, which is perfect weather for either an indoor or outdoor wedding. Not to mention you, your fiancé, wedding party, and guests will not be sweating or shivering outside due to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

The colors are magnificent.

Not only are the temperatures awesome, but the colors are magnificent. There are plenty of yellows, reds, and oranges all around! Plus, if the wedding is outside, you might be able to forgo having to pay for some expensive follow arrangements!

You have the chance to save money.

Almost every venue or hall out there will offer you a discount if you have a wedding during the “off–season.” Some places are so overbooked during the late spring and summer and then slow during the cooler months of the year, that they will do anything for couples who are contemplating having a fall or winter wedding. So, if you want to save SOME money, consider a fall wedding.

Of course, having a fall wedding has its cons. However, there are pros and cons to having a wedding at any time of the year. When it all comes down to it, you and your fiancé will just have to sit down and discuss what would make your ideal wedding “day.”