3 Mother’s Day Party Ideas For Mother’s Day 2012

Hey everyone, don’t forget, Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 13th!

If you want to make your mother smile and feel extremely loved and happy on this special day, then maybe you should consider throwing a Mother’s Day party just for her!  If you are looking around for party ideas we have assembled some fantastic ones, and we’re sure your mother will be appreciative of them if you follow through with our ideas!

Mother’s Day Decorations

If you are planning an actual Mother’s Day party, decorations will always play a key role in its planning.  Decorations should always be selected in accordance to the taste of the person for whom the party is being hosted, and in this case—your mother!  Therefore, you should decorate the party site, whether it is a home or any other venue, with flowers that your mother loves.  After all, what is a Mother’s Day party without flowers?!?!

If you decide to have the party at a catering hall (or you are located near our Philadelphia, PA Banquet Hall, Cottage Green) then you should adjust the look of the hall by putting up some familiar and beautiful family photos.  Also, you should consider putting up a banner that says “We Love You Mom,” or “Happy Mother’s Day.”  Sometimes even the clichés will merely work the best when it comes to decorating for a Mother’s Day party!

Food Ideas For Mother’s Day

Food will always be the most important part of any holiday or party.  So, when it comes to having a Mother’s Day party, the menu should definitely be made up of food dishes that your mother or close relatives love to eat.  Also, you should consider a custom Mother’s Day cake—there is no doubt that your mother will love a custom-baked cake made for her, and with her name on it showing just how much you appreciate her!

Mother’s Day Themed Party

Want to have a Mother’s Day party, but don’t have the time for it this Sunday?  You can always put together a Mother’s Day themed party the following weekend, or another… The theme you consider should of course mirror Mother’s Day, but it should be suitable for any kind of age group!  What is a party without taking the time to invite some guests?

Considering some of our ideas, but need the assistance of an affordable Philadelphia, PA Catering Company?  Get in touch with us immediately!  We will know exactly how to make your Mother’s Day themed party a party your mother will never forget!