3 Mexican Spices to Flavor Your Next Big Dinner

Americans love burritos, tacos, and horchata as much as they love cheeseburgers and apple pie. At Village Catering, we know firsthand that doing a little culinary experimentation in the kitchen can be a great experience for both adventurous eaters and young children who still only want to eat chicken nuggets for all three meals.

Has dinner at home been feeling a little boring lately? Consider spicing things up with one or more of these signature Mexican flavors!

  • Cumin. Cumin is one of the most commonly-used Mexican spices. But the flavoring has also been used for generations in traditional Ayurvedic medicine thanks to its high iron concentration. Try spicing up your next curry, tofu, or red meat dish with a dash of cumin!
  • Cinnamon. Did you know that traditional cinnamon sold in Mexico is different than the cinnamon we know here in the United States? It’s true! Food scientists sometimes refer to Mexican cinnamon as “true” cinnamon because to be labeled as cinnamon, the spice must come from Sri Lanka. The result is a rich, bold flavor that’s perfect for any type of hot coffee or cold desert. Try mixing a little authentic cinnamon with your hot cocoa this winter!
  • Cilantro. Love it or hate it, there’s no way to deny that cilantro is a staple of Mexican cuisine. The taste of cilantro is said to complement vegetarian and pescatarian dishes well. Consider serving some dried or fresh cilantro the next time you cook up vegetarian or fish tacos!

Got an important dinner or event coming up? At Village Catering, we’re always serving up the flavors you love—and some new favorites as well! Contact our team today to learn more or schedule your catering session! To view our complete list of menu options, click here.