3 Life Hacks for Busy People

At Village Catering, we want our customers to have access to fresh and unique menu items at the click of a button. Now more than ever convenience is key. If a customer cannot conveniently obtain our services, well, we wouldn’t still be in business after over 30 years.

We know that life is busy. There are meetings, appointments, kid’s activities, fitness goals to reach, and this leaves little to no time for proper meal planning. Village Catering is there for you with box lunch delivery in the Philadelphia, PA, area and its surrounding communities. Our box lunches are completely customizable, and a complete meal delivered straight to you. Here are a couple more life hacks for when life just gets super busy.

Drink Water

I don’t think anyone realizes the vital role water plays in our lives. Without recommended daily intake we become sluggish with little energy. Water keeps the fluid in our body circulating and our metabolism up. Create a routine in which you can drink water as soon as you wake up and with every meal. You can also infuse your water with fruit to make it more enjoyable.

Exercise in the Morning

The dreaded E word. Exercise. Everyone wants the benefits of a good workout, but nobody wants to make the time for it. Exercising in the morning jump starts the body. It gets the blood flowing, the metabolism up, and releases endorphins. What are endorphins? They are “feel-good” chemicals that when released give your body a positive boost all day long!

There’s an App for That

I am pretty sure we all own a cell phone, and for the most part, it’s glued to our body. Apps make life easier, it’s undeniable. Apps can hold grocery lists, track steps, give reminders, host meditating sessions, deliver food, help keep track of your diet and many other things. Whatever task you may have trouble completing, guaranteed there’s an App that is there to help.

Individuals, groups, or large crowds, Village Catering, is there for you with freshly prepared meals ready to serve box lunches around Philadelphia seven days a week! On the days that are too busy, give us a call 215-437-3337, or visit our website for convenient online ordering!