3 Interesting French Bridal Traditions

The culture of France is much more than just a wedding or brunch theme. Like every other culture, the French have their own set of fun and unique wedding traditions to welcome marital success and good luck to the happy couple. Consider implementing a few of these classic French traditions in your banquet hall in Bensalem when you say “I do!”

  • No Bridezillas. Flowing linens, a gorgeous white dress, and trays of delicious desserts — there are plenty of things that you’ll find at a French wedding that mirror American traditions. One thing you won’t find? Bridezillas! Traditionally, the bride isn’t the focus of a French wedding. Instead, the guests celebrate the joining of their two families together and the love between the bride and the groom.
  • The cutting of the ribbons. Ribbon cuttings aren’t just for opening ceremonies anymore. During a French wedding, there’s a tradition that the bride must cut white ribbons blocking her path to the aisle. The ribbons are usually held by children of the guests and symbolize the problems that come along with any marriage. By cutting away the ribbons, the bride is showing that she’s ready to work together with her husband to tackle whatever life throws at them.
  • “La Mairie.” In the United States, not many couples dream of having their wedding ceremony at their local courthouse. But in France, every couple must get married by their local mayor at the town hall. More of a legal obligation than a tradition, French couples must have a court-supervised marriage by a government official because weddings are seen as a public event. However, many couples go on to have a religious or private ceremony after “la mairie” is completed.

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